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Security Guard Course Information

A good security guard will not stand out to anyone except other security guards. This is because a security guard's role is to ensure that everything goes smoothly and there is not any reason for them to take visible action. If you think from the point of view of a consumer, the idea of a prominent security guard will make them feel uneasy as the presence of visible security personnel reinforces the idea, however accurate or otherwise, that there may be violence in the air and that their safety might be compromised somehow.

How Security Guard Training Different from Door Supervisor Training

Security guards perform many of the same tasks as Door Supervisors, with the main difference being that a security guard does not take the same "front of house" role that a Door Supervisor does. Nonetheless, the tasks of a security guard are equally important for ensuring that there is a peaceful, secure atmosphere wherever they are employed. It may fall to a security guard to take the ultimate sanction and eject someone from the premises, however in most cases there is a range of options before that should ever become necessary. Security guard training is designed to give the prospective security guard a thorough grounding in what these are and how they should be deployed.

Getting Ready for the Exam

Security Guard training - lasts for 27 hours over the course of two or three days, with two of these hours entailing examinations which you must pass if you wish to become a Security Guard. These examinations are designed to ascertain if you have understood and absorbed the theory which has been covered by the course, and taken on board the information which will be essential for anyone wishing to make a living as a security professional. This information varies from some which may strike you as being obvious, to some which you may never have considered but which is of no lesser importance.

The Security Guard course is divided into three units

- Working in the Private Security Industry - Working as a Security Guard - Conflict Management for the Private Security Industry