All-In Security Services

Static Guarding

All-In Security static guarding services can provide professionally trained, first-rate, security officers to protect your premises. Working with our Operations Department we ensure that precise Assignment Instruction are prepared so that the most suitable security officers are personally trained to our client's expectations and individual requirements.

All-In Security employ only premium grade static guarding security officers who are Security Industry trained to the highest level. They work with the companies they are guarding to become part of the team and properly established within their role. They can also carry out other duties that do not conflict with the specified security responsibilities.

We also employ a team of Security Dog Handlers who with their dogs are trained to the highest police standards. Ideal for use on construction sites, factories and warehouses, large open areas such as parks and golf courses and areas too dangerous for lone security guards.

We hold monthly meetings with all our customers where key performance indicators are reviewed and feedback is gained to provide us with information on improving the quality of our static guarding service we give. It is important to us that we provide a security service that is seen by our Customers as exceeding their expectations of the level of security service that they demand.

As you would expect from a professional security company, all our Security Officers are licensed by the Security Industry Authority.